ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac
Release Notes

Build 4.2.744

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the most frequently occurring crashes
  • Fixed an issue in which searching using wildcards ("*") does not return results for ACDSee/IPTC Keywords and Categories
  • Fixed an issue in which updates to Saved Searches list silently fail.
  • Fixed an issue in which searching accented characters in Quick Search produces inaccurate results.
  • Fixed an issue in which search sometimes fails to return items by IPTC Keyword.
  • Fixed an issue in which hierarchical keyword assignment silently fails if "<" or "|" has leading and/or trailing space.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when Change Format with "Remove source file" enabled and app is in View or Full Screen mode.
  • Fixed an issue in which adding illegal symbols to Category/Keyword, then switching to Properties pane freezes ACDSee.
  • Fixed an issue in which accented ACDSee Keywords cannot be added if another word in the database has that character at the start.
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where ACDSee crashes if unicode NULL character added to filename.
  • Fixed an issue in which IPTC keywords cannot contain both "<" and ">".
  • Fixed an issue in which ACDSee Keyword input is affected by IPTC keywords starting with same character.
  • Fixed an issue in which IPTC Keywords are read incorrectly if written by ACDSee Photo Studio, then updated by another app and image is non-encodable.
  • Fixed an issue in which full width comma (,), ideographic comma (、) were not treated as ACDSee Keyword separators.
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only in which embedding database information silently fails if the filetype is PNG.

Performance Improvements

  • Applying IPTC/EXIF metadata to images is now significantly faster.

Known Issues

  • Disconnecting an iOS device while importing will crash ACDSee.
  • Move to trash doesn't work on an iOS device.
  • Batch Copy and Batch Move do not work for iOS devices.
  • PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) not supported.
  • Cannot save a Batch Preset with an export destination folder defined relative to source folder.
  • Develop mode changes are not remembered when a group is deactivated.
  • There is no way to see the RGB values when using the Eye Dropper to set White Balance.
  • Cannot copy read-only EXIF metadata values to the clipboard.
  • 'Enter' key, 'Return' key does not apply metadata in Properties pane.
  • Cannot read any ACDSee metadata embedded in BMP, CUR, DDS, EXR, GIF, HEIC, HDR, ICO, JP2, MEF, PBM, PSD, or TGA.
  • Batch Copy operation hangs when "Place in subfolder" option enabled, "Date" token added to the Name, and date format includes a slash character ("/"). Workaround: In System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced... > Dates, remove "/" from the desired format.
  • Import ignores video portion of Live Photos

More Information

For information about ACDSee Photo Studio, and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resources page online. Additional information and resources include:

  • Community site, including peer-to-peer product forums.
  • ACDSee Knowledge Base Articles.
  • Customer Care and Technical Support.