ACDSee Pro 4.0 Build 237 Release Notes


  • Performance improvements for setting metadata into JPG, TIFF, and DNG files.
  • The collapsed/expanded state of each metadata group is maintained when switching Property pane view.
  • The Import dialog now gives access to metadata presets created in the Metadata panel of the Properties pane.
  • Import dialog gives access to new IPTC Core 1.1 metadata fields introduced in Pro 4.
  • New Metadata panel offers adjustable width for metadata fields.
  • When renaming a file only the name is selected to allow for quick renaming without altering the file extension.
  • The Save As dialog now remembers the last used format when the source image is a RAW file.
  • The ESC key is set as a keyboard shortcut for Cancel in Process mode.
  • The default sharpening for RAW conversion can now be set from the option menu in the Sharpening group of Develop mode.
  • The default map location, zoom level and type can be set by clicking Tools | Map | Set default map location.
  • Update the EXIF date/time digitized and EXIF date/time in Batch Adjust Timestamp.
  • Ratings embedded by ACDSee can now be seen in other applications supporting xmp:rating and vice versa.


  • Keyword picker assignment not functioning if no other changes were made to the keywords.
  • Pin not showing on the map if the visible area spanned the antimeridian.
  • Arrow keys not selecting an item when it is the only one in the File list.
  • File not appearing selected when opening context menu with CTRL+ Right-click.
  • The Property pane and other selection based UI elements not updating when deselecting a file with Ctrl-Space.
  • Unnecessary alert about losing color profile when saving from a format that does not support color profiles (e.g. – PNG).
  • Develop Copy settings dialog in Manage mode incorrectly defaulting to Select All button.
  • Resize dialog in Edit mode sometimes causing application to crash.
  • ISO in status bar sometimes displaying incorrectly in Develop mode.
  • The header or footer in View mode not updating Tag state when in full screen.
  • The Levels tool Tolerance Setting dialog in Edit sometimes disappears behind main application window.
  • White balance issue with RAW files from the Pentax K20D.
  • Save As button for videos malfunctioning on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Lockup on startup when file list is filtering by Tagged and startup location is set to ‘remember from previous session’.
  • Changing height of panes in Manage mode when starting ACDSee in Viewer and then switching to Manage mode.
  • Images processed with distortion correction in Pro 3 not showing the correct distortion adjustment in Pro 4.
  • Layers in TIFF files not preserved when modifying or embedding metadata.

RAW Support for Cameras

ACD is committed to releasing regular free updates to support RAW files from new camera models as they become available. View the complete list of supported RAW formats.

Known Issues

  • In some cases, on Windows 7 and Vista, when a camera is connected to a computer via a USB cable, the Import tool may fail to display media files and will not copy them. In these cases we recommend copying items from these devices to your computer with Windows Explorer or import the media through a card reader.
  • ACDSee may crash when viewing some high resolution .mov videos.
  • Content of iPhone and other WIA devices does not display correctly when browsed directly with ACDSee.
  • The Backup database name cannot be longer than 16 characters.

Not Supported:

  • ACDSee does not preserve the transparency in GIF and PNG files.
  • ACDSee does not preserve layers in PSD and TIFF files.
  • ACDSee does not support Joliet Unicode name extensions (applicable when burning CD/DVDs).
  • ACDSee does not preserve EXIF and IPTC metadata when a PSD file is edited.

More information

For information about ACDSee Pro 4 and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resource page online. Additional information and resources include:

  • software updates
  • supported file formats
  • supported camera RAW formats
  • community site, including peer-to-peer product forums
  • ACDSee knowledge base
  • support