ACDSee Pro 2.2 (Mac) Build 172 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where moving files sometimes resulted in folders disappearing from the folder tree in Manage mode
  • Fixed an issue where moving categorized or rated files from one folder to another after performing a search sometimes resulted in a hang
  • Fixed an issue where some RAW files from older cameras did not appear properly


  • Ability to restore databases that are backed up from ACDSee 2 (Mac) and ACDSee (Mac App Store), in addition to ACDSee Pro (Mac) 1.9.

General Notes

  • File names that contain &\/:*?"<>| may cause errors when managing files on your local hard drive or connected devices, or when uploading to ACDSee Online. Users are urged to not use &\/:*?"<>| in file names or folders.